AVADO in the cloud

If you want to run your own validator, but don't feel confident setting it up at home - AVADO is developing a cloud-based AVADO.
Run the Gold Standard of Staking in the cloud, keep control of your keys, contribute more to the security of the Ethereum network and earn ETH directly from the protocol.

Benefits of cloud staking

Staking Ethereum with AVADO is convenient, secure and true to the spirit of decentralisation

Bye bye, Command Line. AVADO is Click and Install

AVADO takes away the hardware pain and brings convenience to cloud staking


Avado comes with a pre-installed App Store. All you have to do is click a few buttons.

Up to date

The Avado team integrates protocol changes and pushes the updates automatically to your device.

24/7 support

Questions? If you can't find it in our extensive documentation, you can ask our community in Discord

We are currently building and testing this solution before launching it to the general public