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Launch your own Avalanche Node with AVADO&Blockchain computers

July 20, 2021

Launch your own Avalanche Node with AVADO&Blockchain computers


Launch your own Avalanche Node with AVADO’s Blockchain computers



Jun 11 · 5 min read

Avalanche Network

Avalanche is an open-source blockchain aimed at launching decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. It’s a particularly scalable, interoperable system that went live in September 2020.

AVADO provides an Avalanche package to download directly from the AVADO DApp store. Users don’t have to be concerned with complex setup and software updates, as it is natively supported on the AVADO hardware.

Avalanche is the ideal network to invest time into exploring true, rapid, and unprecedented decentralization with its innovative consensus protocol.

Once a node tries to enter the Avalanche network, it can do it freely after adding a stake of a certain amount of AVAX. Once that stake has been set, it is locked and cannot be moved for a defined period. While the stake cannot be changed or withdrawn, validators and their pool of delegators will benefit from no additional upkeep costs once the staking process is up and running.

As with other PoS networks, validators in the Avalanche network will get the full value of the stake returned when the staking period expires.

How to Run an Avalanche Validator Node

You have researched the necessary tools to set up your node and initiate the staking process. You’ve acquired the tokens and have a device in mind — whether it’s your home computer or an extra notebook you already posess, but the process will be challenging.

Of course, setting up an Avalanche validator won’t be an easy task. Validators secure a platform and validate transactions in exchange for AVAX. The more active validators you have on the Avalanche platform, the more robust your security protocols become.

That’s why Avalanche currently has more than 1300 block-producing validators and counting.

On the AVADO plug-and-play blockchain computer, however, users don’t have to worry about actively meeting staking parameters and acquiring the technical expertise to configure the node as a validator. Everything isl pre-installed and can quickly be accessed upon setup in the user-friendly interface and DApp store.

AVADO users can run a fully functional blockchain validator. Setup is straightforward as they come with all the required hardware, cables intended for power and connection as well as a wall mount.

Removing the need to compile your own hardware and to spend time installing the validator software is at the core of AVADO’s mission to build a blockchain computer that allows everyone to participate in decentralized networks.

Start earning AVAX

The Avalanche package can be found in, and installed from the DApp store on any AVADO device. While it’s mandatory to stake a minimum of 2,000 AVAX tokens to initiate and run a full validator, you can delegate some tokens to an existing validator of the same package.

Staking AVAX on an AVADO node can go one of two ways, depending on the number of tokens available to stake and the passive income expectations. Delegators need to delegate a minimum of 25 AVAX toward the node that administers the validator they form part of.

If you can run your own validator node — do it. Validators form part of the essential foundation of the blockchain, which is why it’s advisable to contribute as much to it as possible.

Opt for the full validator title, and you’ll be responsible for keeping the node online 24/7. That is after you stake the minimum of 2,000 AVAX.

But the rewards could be particularly exciting. The average AVAX staking yield is moving to approximately 10% APY. Currently, the maximum yield is 12% APY, but for this, you’ll need more than 80% uptime and never miss a day of staking throughout the entire year.

Is running Avalanche on AVADO secure?

The combined effort of running the Avalanche network on an AVADO blockchain computer should pose significant security features. When it comes to AVADO hardware, users can expect the highest level of security when staking. This is especially true considering its built-in VPN

The personal, monetary rewards alone are reason enough for any enthusiast to invest in an AVADO blockchain computer and set up their validator at home.

In addition to this, running a validator will help to make the the existing network more robust. And every validator will add to the security and the longevity of the network. It’s essential to encourage the organic growth of the existing blockchain network using dedicated nodes that don’t suffer any downtime.

Users can start experimenting with staking operations and start making a profit by running multiple packages on the AVADO device. Because all of AVADO’s hardware comes with pre-built software that allows users to directly run different packages and earn rewards.

#RunYourOwnNode from home

AVADO is well-equipped to run Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, Avalanche, or Kusama nodes. That’s in addition to supporting multiple clients for Ethereum, the Lightning Network for Bitcoin, and the ability to run testnets alongside your other nodes.

Investing in proprietary hardware is currently the simplest way to run highly secure nodes at home while ensuring returns on your tokens. Adding the ability to run a validator natively produces increased earning capability, and will allow you to keep 100% of the rewards from staking.

If you’re in the market for a plug-and-play blockchain solution that eliminates the need for advanced technical know-how and exorbitant fees charged by staking pools, AVADO’s Full Node Blockchain Computer got you covered.

AVADO’s hardware supports AVAX token holders to stake and earn AVAX from home. It’s important to consider that more staking opportunities are always added. AVADO devices can be shipped anywhere in the world.

AVADO is a plug-and-play blockchain computer. Running a blockchain node on AVADO is the easiest way to participate in decentralized networks that reward you with crypto. ⛓️

You get access through its WiFi hotspot or VPN. 🌐 💻
The user-friendly UI allows you to use and manage the device from anywhere in the world. 🌎

It comes pre-installed with the AVADO OS, saving you a lot of time and research setting up a node.

Using an AVADO is convenient, secure and true to the spirit of decentralization. 🙌🏻

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