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AVADO x Mysterium AMA

October 11, 2021

AVADO x Mysterium AMA


AVADO x Mysterium AMA

Over the past few years, blockchain technologies have truly matured into far more than a niche sector. If anything, it can be assumed that decentralized networks and applications will play a huge role in the future of pretty much every sector and industry in the world.

Recently, AVADO and Mysterium Network held an AMA for their communities, which saw the two projects take on some particularly amazing questions, and we will be taking a look at the most interesting of the bunch.

Before that, let’s take a look at the duo and see what makes their relationship so significant in a decentralized world.


AVADO can be best described as a plug-and-play hardware that allows its users to run a ‘node’ within an ecosystem of Web 3.0 decentralized applications (DApps). Anyone with an internet connection can now take part in the decentralization of multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum and Bitcoin.

More specifically, the AVADO Box is a high-end piece of hardware packing a powerful CPU, plenty of RAM, disk space, and internet access to name a few. With it, users can earn cryptocurrency by renting out their bandwidth, storage, or processing power to others.

In the context of blockchain, the term ‘node’ refers to an active participant/stakeholder who is offering computing resources to any given blockchain network, for which they are usually incentivized with cryptocurrency.

In doing so, the decentralized nature of the network is bolstered, boosts the security and power of a blockchain network by validating transactions; nodes essentially participate in vital processes required to keep a network up and running.

With AVADO, users can now run a Mysterium node, a fascinating and complex peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized VPN, and many in our AMA were wondering how to run and optimize a Mysterium node with AVADO, we’ll explain that shortly. But first, a little on Mysterium.

Mysterium Network

In order to usher in the next generation the internet, often referred to as Web 3.0, distributed and decentralized systems of all shapes and sizes will need to go beyond the standards we are accustomed to today.

Mysterium has built a decentralized VPN for private internet access; VPNs have become increasingly popular over the years as the concept of net neutrality began to fade. With a VPN, we can access every part of the internet from anywhere in the world, free of censorship.

With the AVADO Box, you can access the Mysterium Network through the AVADO DAppstore, and lease out bandwidth to earn MYST every month. People from all over the world can now purchase that bandwidth from the Mysterium Network, and access the World Wide Web as they wish.

Simply put, when using the Mysterium DApp and renting out bandwidth, others can select your IP address and route their encrypted traffic through it, and you earn cryptocurrency in the process.

You could say that by running a node on Mysterium, you’re taking a position against online surveillance and censorship. The internet is a place where information should be free to roam, not locked behind virtual walls just as it was before governments and private interests took hold.

Mysterium is one of many leading the Web 3.0 charge, but it is a pioneer in the realms of P2P decentralized VPNs.


Recently AVADO and Mysterium held an AMA on Telegram to get a better insight into their community, here’s some top picks.

Q: If I was to purchase the AVADO i7, how does Mysterium work?

A: The AVADO has an integrated DAppstore, just like an Appstore on your phone. The Mysterium package is one of the dapps available. You simply click on the install button and your device will download the application. Once this is finished, a so-called “Wizard” takes you through the onboarding process. After that your device becomes a node in the Mysterium network.

Q: Could you briefly go over the updates for the Mysterium DApp?


Over the past three months, the network has had several upgrades implemented, but some users noted that they weren’t benefiting from consistent rewards, especially after having a high-ranking node.

At present there are revisions being made to the bounty program so that running a node can be more sustainable and equitable for node runners, Mysterium notes that it will be reworking the supply/demand model to reach this aim.

Q: How to maximize earning potential on Mysterium


  1. Don’t enable the only “whitelisted traffic option” if you’re not in the following countries: Canada, U.S., UK, Italy, Australia, or India.
  2. Have a strong internet connection.
  3. Run the Node 24/7; some user sessions can be very long and if you are disconnected from a client, they will be reconnected to a more competitive node, losing you the client.
  4. Double-check your configuration and ensure users can access your node.
  5. When some users have found your node, bookmark it as a favorite.

Q: I set up and ran it for 2 weeks but not many people used my node, is it because of my region and/or CPU?

A: Mysterium isn’t particularly demanding of your CPU, it cares more about bandwidth. If you’re not getting traffic, it could be because of these reasons:

  1. Poorly configured node. E.g. Your router is blocking Mysterium traffic, which you’ll need to correct by downloading the Mysterium DVPN app and check the connection.
  2. You’re in an unpopular region and/or you’re not in the UK, U.S., India, Canada, Brasil or Australia, and you have “whitelisted traffic only” enabled.

Mysterium will be extending its bounty rules as well as building a “base bounty” of sorts that will pay you for simply being available.

Q: Will the fees be set automatically later on in the project?

A: Soon Mysterium intends to phase out the manually setting fees. In the future prices will be set based on a supply and demand algorithm for each region. The algorithm will assess the node type, which considers factors such as region, IP location (residential / non-residential), and quality.

It could be compared to Uber’s surge pricing, where demand determines price based on the availability of the network.

Q: I understand you’re moving towards a staking model soon with a future partnership, can you explain how custody of the stake will work once the upgrade goes into effect?

A: Mysterium is partnering with the PARSIQ team to power a new tokenomics model with IQ Protocol. In fact, Mysterium will be the first to integrate it; the IQ Protocol allows node runners to stake MYST in order to run a node, which also invites MYST holders to delegate tokens into a pool and “rent” them out.

It’s a non-custodial staking mechanism meaning that smart contracts will automate the system, and users will have full control over their passwords as well as their private keys, granting them access 100 percent of the time.

Q: Is the future state of Mysterium expected to require any dependencies like hosting a chain or other file system?

A: There are considerations being made regarding the potential of “distributed hosting” and “decentralized DNS” functionality, though that would be something to be implemented in Mysterium 2.0, which certainly won’t be this year.

If you want to learn more about Mysterium and earn MYST at home with AVADO. You can check out AVADO’s home page for more information, or join AVADO telegram group to receive timely updates.