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AVADO NFT - almost art (and useful)


AVADO NFT - almost art (and useful)


AVADO NFT - almost art (and useful)



Apr 11 · 4 min read

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are the talk of the town.

From Beeple’s “Crossroad” to this $69 million NFT (also by Beeple), this token standard receives a lot of attention. Primarily used in art, a non-fungible token is a digital, unique token that cannot be replaced by another token. This makes them very different from currency tokens, which can be exchanged for each other and where each token has the same function and value as any similar token. For example, 1 Bitcoin can be exchanged for 1 Bitcoin, and each will have the same value as the other. Not so an NFT.

AVADO launches its own NFT

An AVADO is not a piece of art (though close enough), and it is not unique in itself, as one box can be exchanged for a similar box and will work precisely the same.

But, we see more use cases for NFTs than just to store digital art. The NFTs AVADO created have information about the device and the time of purchase, up to the second it was bought.

An AVADO NFT is a unique identifier, showing that the holder of the NFT has an AVADO device.

It shows when it was bought and what device it represents, but it does not reveal any information about the person owning it.

We care about privacy but also need to be able to identify that the user has bought our device. We’re solving this difficult problem by using NFTs.

Photo by Marija Zaric on Unsplash

What are the use cases for AVADO NFT?


First of all, each NFT identifies that the owner has bought an AVADO. This is important if you want to claim the warranty for the device. With the info from the NFT, we know exactly what AVADO device the user has and when it was purchased. We can check if the warranty is still valid without having to keep user data in our database. IPFS and blockchain are our sources of information.


We have a community-driven support system, and NFTs can even increase the utility of it.

Using NFTs, we can allocate a support budget to each device. Device owners who ask for support will have a specific budget available (based on the device they bought) to use to “dish praise” to AVADO community members who helped them resolve an issue.

We will also use the NFT to ensure that only users who have an AVADO will receive the praise, so the support budget is kept within the AVADO community.

We can use NFTs to automate this process: our Support Genie “Avaddin” will not only count the praise a user received but will also allocate the budget to the support giver sending it to the NFT address. This will make our support even more scalable.

Token Drops

Projects that have a DApp in the AVADO DAppstore can also use our NFTs to identify box owners. This enables them to allocate their tokens to incentivize the use of their DApp on AVADO.

Get Up to 500 HOPR token

HOPR is the first project to do so. HOPR Box customers were the first users of the HOPR network, and they vested interest in the project economically before anyone else.

They provided support to the network and signaled the value of the project early on. HOPR and AVADO want to thank these and future users with the following reward system:

● Existing HOPR PC users who purchased a device (up to 300) will receive
500 HOPR tokens

● Existing AVADO users who have purchased a device before April 1st, 2021 (up to 1000) and who run the HOPR package will receive 100 HOPR tokens

● Future AVADO users who would install the HOPR package (up to 1000) will receive 50 HOPR tokens

To identify these users, HOPR will look for the NFT tokens, including metadata that distinguishes between

● HOPR PC and AVADO devices

● The date of purchase for each device

“The AVADO NFT makes your device unique. Once you claim it, you have digital proof of ownership of an AVADO device in your account. Many use cases we foresee make this NFT very useful and valuable. Keep it safe! And we’ll keep you updated on new functionalities of your AVADO NFT.”
- Stefaan Ponnet

How do I get my NFT?

Every AVADO owner, no matter if you purchased the device in 2018 or today, can go to NFT.AVA.DO and mint their token. Your e-mail address will be used to start the process, and you should have Metamask enabled in your browser.