+++ ZERO SYNC by AVADO - Start Staking Immediately - Minimize Downtime - Maximize Profits - More Convenience Then Ever +++

Take control of your staking

Avado provides hardware and software solutions for home and cloud staking.

  • No technical knowledge required
  • Suitable for all major chains
  • 24/7 support
  • Your keys, your control

We make the Gold Standard of Staking available to all.

Ethereum Staking

AVADO offers the most convenient and flexible way to take control of your Ethereum staking.

Choose your budget

Run a full 32 ETH node


Run pool validators like Rocketpool with 16 or 8 ETH

Choose your setup

Get an Avado device for Home staking


Run Avado in our Cloud solution

Set and forget

Simple UI onboarding to set up staking


Auto-updates ensure little to no maintenance

Staking on multiple chains

The Avado hardware and the Avado OS are chain-agnostic. Since 2018, we have partnered with the top Proof of Stake blockchain networks to provide a wide range of staking opportunities.


  • Put 2000 AVAX to work with Staking
  • Earn up to 9% on your staked AVAX
  • Increase APR by receiving delegations
  • Set your own fee for accepting delegations
  • Full control for you - Non-Custodial for delegators
  • Available on hardware and in the cloud


  • Based on specs from NEAR Foundation
  • Earn up to 9.7% on your staked NEAR
  • Your keys, your control
  • Accept delegations and earn fees
  • Available on hardware and in the cloud


  • Start staking with as little as 100 QTUM
  • Earn up to 20% on your staked QTUM
  • Non-custodial staking: you own the keys
  • Available on hardware and the cloud


Super easy actually. Just buy a node from @AvadoCloud and plug it in :)

Ryan Carson

Founder & Investor of 121G.fund | CEO treehouse | Previous COO Moonbirds

I Am Not The Most Technical Person, So I Was Looking For A Hassle-Free Method. The AVADO Ticks All These Boxes. The Installation Took Minutes & Installing A Node Is Literally A 1-Click Process.

Lito Coen

Cryptotesters | Defi Airdrops

Absolutely true! 👇 @AvadoCloud easily has the best, most supportive Telegram community I have been a part of in #crypto. There are several people who are available at all times (“Beagle” in particular) and are willing to help with setup or other questions. Get yours and join us!


on Twitter

I cannot recommend @AvadoCloud high enough... Never did I think I was capable of doing this and it was only seeing the kindness from everyone on the avado telegram group that convinced me I would have the support I needed to go ahead & buy an i7. #HappyCustomer #RunYourOwnNode


on Twitter

Alright, I’ve officially joined as an @ethereum 2.0 validator using the @AvadoCloud hardware! As I am not savvy enough to set up my own hardware/software for staking, the Avado was ideal. It’s not cheap, but the staking rewards should more than cover cost. \#Ethereum $eth #DeFi


on Twitter

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