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Earn up to $1600 in SD Tokens with AVADO: The most convenient Staking Solution on Ethereum.

Unlock the staking power of AVADO and start earning rewards that match the value of your device purchase. With AVADO's hassle-free hardware solutions, you can stake cryptocurrencies from the comfort of your home and enjoy the benefits of decentralized finance.

Get ready to maximize your earnings and secure the future of Ethereum staking with AVADO and Stader Labs.

Earn up to $1600

in SD tokens

With AVADO, you can turn your device purchase into a rewarding investment. Activate up to 16 Validators on your AVADO device and receive SD Tokens up to $1600 in value. It's a unique opportunity to earn back your purchase and maximize your staking rewards.


with an easy UI

AVADO offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes staking cryptocurrencies effortless.
Say goodbye to complex command lines and technical knowledge. You can stake securely and conveniently from the comfort of your own home, with peace of mind knowing your assets are owned by you.

Stake 4 ETH

+10% APY

AVADO allows you to enter the world of staking with as little as 4 ETH. With a low investment amount you can enjoy high yields and attractive returns. It's an excellent opportunity for both experienced and new stakers to participate in the staking ecosystem and earn rewarding yields.

Receive SD tokens for each validator that you run

You can actually earn back the full amount you invested in your AVADO device. By setting up validators on your AVADO device, you can claim $100 in Stader (SD) Tokens for each 4 ETH Validator you activate.

How to get started

Act now !

There are only 400 Validator slots available for these exclusive rewards!

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